Update - Engineers have completed initial works which have not proven successful in resolving experienced network disruptions. Engineers are continuing to work on a resolution as a matter of urgency.
Mar 1712:06 AEDT
Update - This maintenance window has been extended due to the complexity of the maintenance works required. At this time all troubleshooting effort is being invested to restore connectivity for affected services and is our utmost priority.

We continue to appreciate your cooperation during these emergency works.
Mar 1711:48 AEDT
Update - Engineers are continuing to conduct emergency works to rectify service disruptions being experienced by some clients in our Sydney locations. No ETA for work completion is available at this point in time.

Further updates will continue to be provided on a regular basis.
Mar 1711:31 AEDT
Update - Engineers are currently still working inside of this emergency maintenance window to rectify service disruptions being experienced. We appreciate your patience during this time.
Mar 1711:14 AEDT
Update - Engineers are currently undergoing the emergency maintenance window now. During this time some services may be impacted for several minutes.

An update will be provided once complete.
Mar 1710:58 AEDT
Update - Engineers are preparing to commence emergency maintenance works to resolve the network disruption being experienced by some clients. The emergency maintenance may result in a continuous disruption of several minutes while the work is underway.

An update will be provided once this maintenance is completed.
Mar 1710:48 AEDT
Update - Engineers believe they have identified the root cause being experienced currently and are working to organise an emergency fix to restore full connectivity for the remaining services. A further update will be provided again as soon as possible.
Mar 1710:20 AEDT
Update - Engineers are still conducting further troubleshooting to identify the root cause and restore connectivity for the remaining services that are experiencing a disruption.
Mar 1709:41 AEDT
Identified - Engineers have implemented a minor change to restore connectivity to affected services, and monitoring has confirmed network is restored for some services. Engineers are manually checking the remaining services.

Further analysis will be performed to identify the source of the disruption this morning.
Mar 1709:21 AEDT
Investigating - Engineers are reviewing further reports of network disruption that is impacting services in our SY4 locations. Further updates will be provided shortly.
Mar 1709:01 AEDT
Monitoring - Engineers have had to perform a controlled network event to restore connectivity to some services this morning. During the connectivity resynchronisation, services in our SYD2 location may have experienced a disruption of up to a few minutes. Further investigation is underway to review the cause of this disruption
Mar 1706:29 AEDT
Investigating - Engineers are reviewing monitoring alerts in relation to a potential network disruption experienced by a small portion of clients within the Sydney region this morning.

Further updates on the matter will be supplied when available
Mar 1705:49 AEDT

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

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